Warm email

Sometimes you want to send an email but you don't have a clue on how to do it. A friend of mine provided me with this template that you can use to set up a coffee date with someone to find out more about them and assess if you would like to work with or for them. Here it goes:

[Greeting] Name.

We met at the [event], [memorable point about Name], I saw [or heard from someone else] that you are looking for [position].

I would like to learn more about the company and the role, would you be free for a coffee on [week]? If so, [Day 1]/[Day 2] in the afternoon work for me.

another good thing to say if you can is:

I really enjoyed our discussion on [topic].

Essentially you want to build rapport (make sure they remember you), ask what you want, show interest, and meet in person.

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